Harare is a New York based designer womenswear label FOUNDED BY AUSTRALIAN NATIVE CAROLINE FUSS IN 2013.

Harare is devoted to unearthing rich artisan culture from around the globe and celebrating it through exquisite high-end women’s fashion. We establish and nurture relationships with master craftsmen and women across the far reaches of the world to provide them with the tools and finance to allow them to preserve their otherwise dying art forms.  

We know that it is the human hand, not the machine, that has the power to imbue fashion with soul. Thus, Harare is founded upon caring for the hands that weave, dye, knit and sew its garments, and thereby fulfill the demands of the customer base who doesn’t just seek, but expect such values. By empowering artisans, edifying consumers and providing a model for the design community, Harare is pioneering a movement- one that is ecologically friendly, locally sourced, sustainable, and above all HUMAN.